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We provide quality results-oriented programming for schools, teams, non-profits, corporations, medical practices, apartment/condo building owners, and private groups. Help your community get stronger and feel healthier through our wellness partnership. We offer a range of tailored services to meet your specific goals and needs. Options include:


  • Group classes (in-person or online)

  • Special 24/7 access to our Video Library

  • One-off workshops and training sessions specifically designed for your team or community

  • Wellness coaching

  • Nutritional meal prep

  • Special wellness events (meals can be included)

  • Retreat facilitation


Some Life of Gains Favorites:


  • Exercise Fundamentals

  • No Excuses: How to exercise anywhere, anytime

  • Team Building

  • Demand More: How to push through plateaus for athletes

  • How to get and stay motivated

  • Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

  • The Mind: Friend or Foe?

  • The Walking Dead: How to get more rest and better sleep

  • Intro to Nutritional Meal Prep

    Let's talk about what makes sense for your team. Email us at or click the link below.

Wellness Partners

Maternity Yoga with Computer and Mat


Back in October, CRCMC offered, a get your body moving Simon Amato, West Thach in an energized exercise session. From the comfort of your own home, these two showed you how to get in a great workout to keep you healthy and strong. Treat your body like a temple and build it strong “Peace by Peace.” 

Perfect Office Solutions

Perfect Office

West teamed up with the Perfect Office and gave them the perfect workout.

Westfield Wheaton mall-800x800.jpg

Westfield Weaton

Westfield Wheaton brings shoppers the best retail destinations in Wheaton by integrating food, fashion, leisure, entertainment, and as you can see from our video even fitness to patrons like yourself.

Woman on Her Smart Phone

Want A GaiNFul Life

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