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Meet Your Coach & Best Friend 

Here To Help You Achieve A Gainful Life


West Thach

Founder & Personal Trainer 
Certified Trainer and 
Fitness Nutrition Coach

Personal Training Classes


Simon Amato

Founder & Personal Trainer 
CSCS NSCA Certified Strength
and Conditioning Specialist

University of Maryland 


Simon Amato

Founder & Personal Trainer CSCS NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

University of Maryland 

My Name is Simon Amato: Soccer has been an integral part of my life since I was five years old, naturally I have always loved athletics. I realized that fitness is fundamental discovering and realizing the best in each of us … on and off the field. After I graduated college, I adopted a rigorous fitness regimen for myself, I noticed that every aspect of my life improved. I also realized that getting serious about fitness is really about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which takes more than just hitting the gym. This has been a journey for me. During college, I had a terrible diet, horrific sleep patterns, and didn’t have any wellness techniques to keep myself right. Now I like to combine what I learned from school and fitness into what I call gainonomics (gains & economics).

Westmoreland Thach

Founder & Health/ Wellness coach 

Certified Nutritionist/ Trainer 

My name is Westmoreland Thach (pronounced like thatch):What up! A former college football athlete and a believer in the power of healthy, active living, I have embraced personal fitness as my life’s work. I have been training for seven years, working with clients at various gyms in the DMV area. As a trainer, I enjoy working with all age groups, from young children to senior adults. I love what I do, and I want to help as many people as I can develop the skills and mindset they need to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle for the long haul. It’s more than physical fitness that I care about; life also is about mental and spiritual wellness. At Life of Gains, we incorporate all fundamental aspects into training programs tailored for you.

Personal Training Classes


Our Mission.
Get Better Every Day 

Every day that we wake up is a blessing. We rise, which means we have an opportunity and a drive to do some good for ourselves and others. Our part in all of this is to help you strengthen your bodies to prepare for life’s everyday challenges. When we meet these challenges with a prepared mind, body, and soul, we live our best lives. It’s lit.

A Culture of Gains
When we take care of ourselves and foster our self-love, we can spread so much more positivity. This is where physical wellbeing and our carefully planned, and executed workouts come in. When you embrace the effort of working out with all of its reps, you earn gains for your friends and family too. 

We value honesty. When we are honest with ourselves in our workouts, we know when we can push our limits. We also know when we need to give our body rest and allow it to recover. When we find this balance, we attain our goals more efficiently and healthily in any aspect of our lives. 

What we embrace and enact regularly is what we become—bad habits stack; good habits stack. When we are honest with ourselves, we can become aware of our destructive practices. We can accept their presence and then ask ourselves if we would like to change them. If we commit to a yes, we can erase those bad habits while reinforcing good ones. 

One of our superpowers is the focus. When we harness our awareness, we can focus on individual things. When we focus on the task at hand, we can get things done. If we turn those things into our goals, then we can accomplish more than we might have thought possible. 

The only way we can bring about genuine change is by staying on task. Take action and show up for yourself consistently. When we commit to our fitness/wellness regimen, we make small investments each day, knowing that the benefits stack over time and will bless us with an abundance of gains. This is one way we can be kind to our current and future selves and those who are and will be part of our lives. 

We all wrestle with fears of different kinds, which can diminish who we are and what we can do. Even so, we can walk in this world with a smile and optimism because we know the antidote to fear. Love for ourselves and others instantly dispels fear, and just like fear, love manifests in many ways. At Life of Gains, we make a choice every day to operate with a mindset of love rather than fear. 


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