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Meet Your Coach & Best Friend 

Here To Help You Achieve A Gainful Life


Simon Amato

Founder & Personal Trainer CSCS NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

University of Maryland 

I’m dedicated to sharing my expertise and knowledge with others through the Life of Gains. In addition, I’m proud to be the strength and conditioning coach for both the DeMatha and Elizabeth Seton High School soccer programs. I’m also a coach in the DeMatha Soccer Youth Academy. Soccer has been an integral part of my life—from playing to coaching. Currently I’m playing with MSI pro in the United Premier Soccer League. My experience also includes time playing professionally in Costa Rica’s third division. I have more than six years’ experience as a personal trainer, as a large-and-small group fitness instructor, and I have trained people of all ages and abilities. I’m passionate about helping LOG members to live their best lives.

Westmoreland Thach

Founder & Health/ Wellness coach 

Certified Nutritionist/ Trainer 

My name is Westmoreland Thach (pronounced like thatch):What up! A former college football athlete and a believer in the power of healthy, active living, I have embraced personal fitness as my life’s work. I have been training for seven years, working with clients at various gyms in the DMV area. As a trainer, I enjoy working with all age groups, from young children to senior adults. I love what I do, and I want to help as many people as I can develop the skills and mindset they need to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle for the long haul. It’s more than physical fitness that I care about; life also is about mental and spiritual wellness. At Life of Gains, we incorporate all fundamental aspects into training programs tailored for you.

Personal Training Classes


Our Mission:Get Better Every Day 

Becoming stronger and healthier empowers us to live our best lives and to be our most authentic selves. We believe that physical training is the essential foundation that enables us to also strengthen the mind and the spirit. Achieving your fitness and wellness goals will change your life—bringing you joy, balance, and peace. We have helped our clients and our goal is to help you get those incredible gains.


Our clients find that fitness becomes an integral part of their lifestyles. We specialize in helping people to understand how to train and how to develop habits that lead to healthy decisions.


Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who has never touched a weight before in your life: YOU NEED TO TRAIN.

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